Yoga Nīdra - Achieving Bliss Through Yogic Rest

Yoga Nīdra is the yogic state wherein progressive relaxation is practiced, with the ultimate goal of attaining bodily rest, while the mind remains fully awake and aware. In this state, one is able to better perceive and manipulate subtle energies, and infuse their lives with healing intentions (called Sankalpa, in Sanskrit).

No prior training in meditation or yoga is necessary, although Yoga Nīdra can work in conjunction with other meditation practices to deepen them. Yoga Nīdra is performed while completely in śavāsana (corpse pose). 

Joey regularly hosts group Yoga Nīdra events at Luminous Energetic Pathways Sacred Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

For scheduled Yoga Nīdra classes and other workshops, please check my EVENT CALENDAR

Private one-on-one sessions are also available upon request. 

Please bring:
-A Yoga Mat (we have extras at Luminous)
-A Pillow (or multiple if you require leg support)
-A Blanket
-A water bottle
-Wear comfortable clothing

Joey's Yoga Nīdra guided meditation is available (CD or Digital Download) for your individual practice.

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