Wide Open Wellness Coaching Program

With Joey Bujold

  • Do you feel disconnected from your current lifestyle? Like maybe, you are stuck in a rut with your life purpose, or your general health, stress, family, career, relationships, finances, etc. 

  • Are you feeling slow and sluggish with progress in your life resolutions? 

  • Is your heart just not in the “right place”? 

  • Have you recently undergone internal or external transitions or changes in life, but aren’t sure what the new landscape looks like? Like maybe, you feel the need a new roadmap, since the old one isn’t helping anymore? 

  • Are you interested in examining and addressing your problems and obstacles on a deeper level?

Through the agency of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology, along with modern methods of introspection, we will work together to roadmap your past, present, and likely future, to help jumpstart your life into a new direction. 

This 6-week integrative wellness program is intended for people wishing to identify any blockages in their lives and, with some assistance, map out a strategy to address and mitigate them. We will then modify the intention in your life to create new thought patterns and take your life into a transformational state, towards the direction where you’d like to go, with the help and support of the planets.

Spots are Limited

As the nature of this program is unique, I will only be taking on a limited number of coaching clients. Please don't delay ,act now!

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The Four Vedic Aims of Life

The writings of Ancient India teach us that all members of humankind are either consciously, or unconsciously seeking four goals, or aims in life, which are called the four purusharthas.

These are:

Behaviors that are in harmony with the universal laws of providence. When things aren’t working in accordance to our higher purpose, or the will of the universe, we can just feel it.​

Prosperity, activities and resources that help us to carry out our lives. Sometimes it is incorrectly translated as “money”, which is a somewhat limiting definition. For most, the correct interpretation of Artha encompasses our career, financial prosperity and ability and skillset to earn a livelihood. How is Artha working for you? Do you have any mental ruts that prevent you from creating a “mentality of success”?


Desire, passion, emotions, enjoyment and pleasure. Life without pleasure feels like a bland meal. We all want to experience enjoyment on some level of our lives. On what level of life does this carry out for you? Are you able to enjoy the sweetness of relationships with others? Can you pursue sensory-based enjoyments in a detached way? Or is there some attachment there, getting you stuck?





When the first three purusharthas are properly addressed, the fourth aim naturally arises, which is called:

Self-Realization, liberation and release from the attachments of life. When we no longer identify ourselves with the limiting thought of our ego and physical body, we gradually transfer our self-awareness to a universal level.



During the 6-week period of this program, we will work within the framework of the four purusharthas to ensure that you are consciously making effective progress on all of these steps.

Program Overview

As part of this program, we will:

  • Review your natal horoscope, using key concepts of Vedic Astrology to understand your life predispositions, strengths, and blind spots.

  • Examine where you are in your current life cycle, and how this is influencing your life.

  • Identify current planetary transits, and how this is also affecting your progress.

  • Assess your mental and physical constitution, and current health state.

  • Review recommendations to improve or stabilize your health, and invite greater healing into your life.

  • With all this in mind, we will review key tools to help empower yourself to create new opportunities in life, and experience life from a new and different angle, to support positive change.


What You'll Gain

  • More clarity on your life purpose and soul’s journey

  • A wellness map, including diet, lifestyle, and herbal support, as well as daily and seasonal routines.

  • More energy and well-being, to give you the optimal sustenance you require to support your life goals.

  • Clarity on overall life obstacles, as well as formulate a plan to address or mitigate them.

  • Tools for daily self-growth (introspection, meditation, pranayama).


Setting new habits and thought patterns requires a slow, steady, and constant use of willpower. Depending on where your “buttons of negative influence” are situated in life, such as stressors, negative relationships, or even negative thought patterns, there are many “gotchas” in life where we can potentially set ourselves back. Awareness and mindfulness is the first step in addressing them. 

It’s very difficult to go this journey alone, and sometimes you just need ongoing support before these new seeds take root. This is why I’ve created this program.

Let your true colors show, and let  your heart shine forth and illuminate the world around you.
The world desperately needs it!

So what are you waiting for? Please contact me to set-up a free 30-minute session to see if you are interested in getting started on your journey, with my help!


Additional Details

This program includes:

  • A 2-hour intake session, including an Ayurvedic consultation, and Vedic Astrology review.

  • A complete lifestyle plan for your 6 weeks, based on the intake findings.

  • Five one-hour follow-up sessions, to review, measure, and ensure progress. We will examine wellness mapping progress, and review any current planetary influences.

  • Unlimited access to email and text support with Joey, during the 6-week period.

  • Peer support through social media groups.


All sessions can be done online via Zoom conferencing, or in-person (upon request, for people located in the Western Greater Toronto Area, only – ie Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington).

Why Work With Me?

  • I have studied Ayurveda and Astrology with a number of well-known teachers. For a full list of my academics, please click here.

  • I have a clinical practice,

  • I'm an active Wellness Reporter, and have my own YouTube Channel (Be sure to check it out!)

  • I am active in the Ayurveda and Astrology community, and regularly attend conferences and additional training opportunities to expand my knowing.

  • As a husband, and father of two wonderful children, and having worked in the fast-paced corporate world of IT project management, I understand the daily pressures and stresses. I've walked the walk, and talked the talk.

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The journey towards living with a Wide Open Heart is right around the corner and closer than you think...

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