“My reading with Joey was amazing! Encouraging, insightful, and empowering. Joey explained my chart (Ayurvedic astrology is super complex!) in a way I could understand without dumbing things down. He is patient, engaging and thorough while highlighting the big picture. What I loved is that he gave me empowerment and guidelines rather than predictions, reassuring me that jyotish was a more fluid way of looking at our life purpose and path. Joey strikes a perfect balance between jyotish expert and coach, by providing what he sees and how we can best use the information to achieve what we are meant to do in this lifetime. I am so grateful to work with him and for receiving his knowledge.”

-Monica Bloom, HeyMonicaB: A Blooming Resource on Ayurveda, Author of In Your Elements

"Wow, what a reading! Thank you for sharing your dharmic gift! This is the 5th reading I've had by various astrologers and your viewpoint has been the most insightful, easy to understand, clear and accurate. I feel fortunate to have met you and had receive this reading which provided a great birds eye view at a very pivotal point in my personal life. As I am deepening my spiritual practice and getting clearer on my authentic vocation this provided invaluable information.  It allowed more light to be shed in areas I was not aware of the patterns playing out. My only regret is I wish I had met you sooner! For anyone wanting accessible information that is applicable to daily life and invaluable I highly recommend a vedic and ayurvedic session with Joey.”

-Alex Leikermoser, Founder, Visionary, Eco-Designer, Wellpreneur & Mentor of Lifestyles

“Working with Joey was an absolute pleasure. He responded quickly to my request for a reading. He gave me an unique perspective through his readings which allowed me to think and see things with a different lens. He then followed up promptly with remedial measures to work with my situation. Thank you so very much Joey!🙏🏼Looking forward to your next reading“


“I love your insight. i think you are a gifted counsellor/astrologer. i say that because i think the counsel and how tactfully you read a chart and relay information is even more important than the information that you see.”


” I first met Joey when I attended Dr. Vasant Lad's summer intensives at The Ayurvedic Institute in the year 2013, and I knew then he was a very devoted and sincere practitioner of Ayurveda. Recently I've learned that Joey was practicing Jyotish, and I had to get a reading done by Joey. Joey's reading was very educational in terms of how the planets in my chart affects the mind, body, and spirit all together, and I now have better understanding about myself as to why the way how I feel, and how I think, and the view of the world I have. I look forward to my readings with Joey!”


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